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Fernando R. Zazueta received his bachelor of science of degree in business and industrial management from San Jose State University. For ten years after college he worked as a stockbroker, banker and accountant before entering law school in 1972.

Fernando R. Zazueta practices in San Jose representing plaintiffs (injured persons) in tort and personal injury litigation. He was an associate with the Boccardo Law Firm for twelve years and prior to that was a partner in the firm of Morgan, Zazueta, Morgan, Towery, Morgan and Spector. He received his law degree from the University of California, Davis in 1975 and began his law career in San Jose in 1977.


Every personal injury case has to have three things:

    1. The injury must have been caused all or in a large part by somebody other than you,
    2. The injury and damages must be sufficiently severe to involve a lawyer,
    3. There must be some insurance available to pay for the damages (other payment sources are problematic).

California law requires all automobile drivers to have liability insurance. This does not apply to passengers but the provisions of Proposition 213 can be examined and discussed in a brief telephone call.

Most personal injury accidents involve the negligence of one or more parties. My function is to find out the facts of how an accident occurred to determine which party is most likely liable for the resulting injuries. Often, an expert's opinion may be necessary to reconstruct the events. It has been my experience that no two cases are every exactly alike. However, many accidents involving vehicles, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, injuries due to dangerous premises, and other typical sources of injury do not necessarily have unusual issues and can often be handled quickly at a minimal cost. Other cases are more involved, there may be several parties and law firms in the case, the costs to process these cases is more, and, in severe injuries or in cases involving wrongful death, it may take one or perhaps more years to resolve. After more than 26 years of practice, I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients. To find out about your case, just give me a call. The following are sample case situations which had unusual facts or issues, they illustrate the unlimited ways in which the negligence of others can produce severe personal injuries for which plaintiffs have been compensated:

  • Acupuncture/professional negligence
  • Bicycle defects, fractures, product liability
  • Bicycle v. auto, severe injuries, negligent operation/collision
  • Bull Trampling, death case/negligent animal transporting
  • Car v. Truck, death case/night vision issues
  • Car v. Truck, multiple deaths/dust storm issues
  • Carbon monoxide poisonings/defective construction
  • Chemical burns/negligent handling
  • Defective sidewalks, severe injuries, government negligence
  • Dog bite injuries/negligent animal training issues
  • Electrocution/tree trimming
  • Falling store merchandise, head injuries/store safety issues
  • Foreign objects in food/tooth fractures/negligent procedures/food handling
  • Garbage truck, death cases, negligent operators
  • Ice cream truck accidents, severe injuries and death/failure to warn/negligent operator
  • Jet ski accidents, negligent entrustment to minors
  • Man lift tipover, fractures/premise liability
  • Motorcycle v. Car, severe injuries/speed
  • Motorcycle, severe injuries/negligent operator
  • Neck fracture/professional negligence
  • Parking lot accidents/negligent maintenance and negligent operation
  • "Peeping Tom", general damages/intentional tort
  • Rear end freeway accidents, severe injuries/speed/vision
  • Runaway horse, blindness, negligence fence maintenance
  • School yard accidents, severe injuries/negligent supervision
  • Single car rollover death case
  • Single car rollover, quadriplegic injuries/vehicle instability
  • Slip and fall accidents, severe injuries/store safety issues
  • Tire blow out/severe injuries/product liability issues

The above types of cases represent a few of the many cases I have handled in over 26 years of practice. If you want to discuss your case, just give me a call.


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