Tips to Prepare for Your Divorce Mediation

Mediating your divorce case can help in settling the case quicker and will avoid the rounds to the courts for the trials. It is an opportunity to settle your case without having to go through a long trial. You must be prepared for mediation in advance to give a positive experience without much trouble. Here are the tips to prepare for your mediation to have a smooth and positive experience.

Collect finance information

Gather all the financial information of you and your partner and give it to your attorney. It can include tax returns, pay stubs, debt amounts, bank records, insurances, and asset values. If you are facing trouble with child support, provide the necessary information about the cost of insurance for your child, daycare, education, and other activities.

finance information

Fill the Affidavit of Financial Information

By agreeing to the Affidavit of Financial Information given by your attorney, you agree to provide the information for your expenses after marriage. This will determine what you need for your spousal maintenance or what you can afford to pay for spousal maintenance.

Check the health insurance

If you and your partner have combined health insurance, you will need to check with an insurance agent for individual medical insurance. If you have medical expenses, your new insurance should be able to cover the charges.

Check the life insurance

If you and your partner have life insurance, provide the copies of statements from your life insurance to your attorney. Present the papers of your insurance and the cash surrender if there is any.

Make a list of your property

Excluding the property with documented proof, you need to make a list of other properties like furniture, artwork, jewellery, appliances, antiques, and other such items. Keep an estimate for the price of your property. Things lie furniture may not have the same price as when you bought them. So make sure you keep the prices according to their current market value.


Identify your vehicles

You need to identify the estimated value of all your vehicles. These will include your cards, recreational vehicles, motorbikes, boats, yachts, and even private jets. Find the approximate value of all your vehicles and present it to your attorney.


Mention your concerns

Always clear out your concerns with your attorney so that they can help you with them. There might be legal things that you might want to clear out before processing the divorce. Your attorney will assist you in understanding your rights under the law. You can have realistic expectations from the negotiations.

Be positive

The last thing to do it stay positive about the whole thing. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude for the whole process. Be confident about settling your case and listen carefully to the mediator. Share your views on the case whenever needed but resist the urge to interpret everything negatively.

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