5 Things to Bring to a Divorce Consultation

The divorce attorney practices divorce law and may offer you a free initial consultation on booking an appointment. This consultation will be before you hire them so that they can size up your case and explain the whole process to you. Divorce is a one-time occurring event for most of the people which can raise a lot of questions in their head. When you meet your attorney for the first time regarding the case, there are a few things that you should carry with you. This will let the attorney know that you are prepared and you can get as much help from them as you can on your free visit. Here are the five things you should bring to a divorce consultation.


Prepare yourself to get as much information as you can during your divorce consultation. Not only you need to prepare questions to ask about the divorce, but also to the attorney who will handle your case. So do not be afraid when you ask your attorney about his experience in the field, his fees, and the amount of time for the whole process. You can keep a note of the important questions that you want to ask your attorney, but you may forget. Do not confuse divorce consultancy with a therapy session. This is the time you should be asking legal questions.

Real Estate

Real Estate Information

Do not forget to bring your property information to your divorce consultation. The papers should contain the property information of both you and your partner. You can carry your escrow papers, mortgage statements, and deeds. Make sure you have papers or information for every property that you own together, including the ones that you have owned in the past.

Relevant Legal Documents

You should bring as much of legal documents that you can. These documents include the legal papers that you have gathered during your married time. Some of the documents include separation agreements, passports, social security cards, and any other identity that provides information for you and your family. Other documents can also include your children’s birth certificates, prenuptial agreements, and other papers related to your partner or children. This information will help the attorney to understand your situation while filing the case.

Pay Stubs and Tax Returns

You will also need to provide information about your income and your partner’s income. You will need to provide the three most recent paystubs also for you and your partner. The reports on tax returns will also provide an idea of your income. If you have to choose between both, tax returns will provide a better comprehensive look at both of your financial situations.

Incriminating Evidence

If you have any incriminating evidence, bring it to the consultation. It can include photos, videos, messages, social media posts, etc. If there is a proof of your partner cheating on you, abusing you, or is involved in any harmful habits, make sure to present it to the attorney at the time of consultation.

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